God is with her, she will not   fall. God will help her at break of day.


Things people have written throughout the years

"I sat straight up in my chair, mind going crazy, eyes watering, tears rolling down my cheeks, I could not breathe.  "Wow," I thought to myself, “how could this be happening, she doesn’t deserve this. Why her? Why now?"...

It was my 6th grade year, and Nichole’s 7th. Even though I had met Nichole many years earlier, she and I had become closer since I had moved up to the youth group at our church. She was the sweetest girl, she always had a smile on her face, and her faith in God was outstanding. One Wednesday at church, i saw Nichole in a not so good mood for the first time; she said it hurt her legs to walk, and that she was very sore. No one thought anything of it because she had been running track that day. No one thought anything of it that is until the next week, and she hadn’t gotten any better.

Another week went by, and it was time for Wednesday night church again. Church had stared and Nichole wasn’t there, that was extremely unusual for her. Kevin, our youth minister at the time, got up, like every Wednesday, but this time something was different. He looked sad, and worried. We all knew at that moment, something was wrong.

"I have some bad news," Kevin started out, "Nichole is in the hospital and it’s not looking good. The doctors have been running tests, and they still are not sure what exactly is wrong."

No one moved, for the first time the youth was silent. We could not believe what we were hearing, Kevin continued talking after that, but I didn’t hear another word. I was in total shock... The following Sunday, we got worse news, the doctors didn’t think that Nichole would be able to walk again. We were devastated, and we figured Nichole would be too.

She was taking it very well though, better than most of us i might add. Although she wasn’t happy with what was happening to her, she knew it was God's plan. She kept her head up high and in no time she was walking again. She was soon released from the hospital; she had proved the doctors wrong. She had believed "all thing are possible through Christ who strengthens you" and with believing that she made it through. We were all so proud of her, and very happy to have her back at church.

Nichole has struggled with the pain and everything that is going on in her life. It has now been two years, and she has been in and out of the hospital a number of times. Nichole is currently in Cooks hospital in ft. worth, but she is trying to live her life to the best she can. She still puts up with all the same drama that every teenage girl has to, but she puts up with more too. Despite of everything she is going through she is always there for her friends and family, she amazes me with everything that she does. Nichole is my hero, and my Supergirl. I will always look up to her, along with many other that will do the same. We could all learn something from her."

--Lacy Holder 2007


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